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My name is Asher Camp and I'm an Oklahoman born and raised.

My love for the outdoors started at a young age as my, but as a 10 year old anything outside of Tulsa excited me. When I graduated from high school and started undergrad at the University of Oklahoma I had the opportunity to see more . . . locally, within the United States, and outside of its borders. As years went by, I was exposed to new places, cultures, and people. I learned to take things in, to sit and observe. Throughout my undergraduate experience, I grew a passion for all things outdoors and people.


Photography, to me, came as a byproduct of my passions. Personally, photography was a means to be involved with my surroundings. As I grew more and more comfortable with a camera, I began to find my perspective. My perspective in both photography skills and international culture. I have documented many of my experiences but there is only so much a camera and words can do. This website is dedicated entirely to the documentation of the things that I have seen and experienced to date. 

Thank you for looking through my photographs . . . each one has a story. If you have any inquiries or simply need another photography or journalist connect, do not hesitate to reach out.

- Asher

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