i am a photographer based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


all my life I have held a passion for the wild. i grew up taking road trips to Colorado and California. seeing something in its most natural state is something that I will cherish forever and never take for granted. my love for photography first started when i was sixteen. i taught myself the basics of a camera. however, i soon learned that there is much more to photography than simply working a camera. i began to see things "in a different light." that is, my own light. 


photography, to me, means to be involved with your surroundings. how can you take the "perfect shot" if you do not go to the perfect place to shoot? i mean, come on, photography, along with any other form of art, would become boring if it were not for perspective. the eye of the artist is what brings the artwork to life. when I take a photograph, I look for unique angles and views, in which, the photo would become different than any other. 

over the past few years, i have been blessed with the opportunity to travel to the coast, wilderness, and everything in between. i have seen beauty in its most raw  form, and i am looking forward to the many opportunities ahead. there is so much beauty to see in this world; so, i want to encourage you to go and see something you have never seen before! it is worth it, i promise.

lastly, i want to thank you for looking through my photographs. i sure enjoyed the memories i made while capturing them. i am happy that i get to share them with you.